When designer Jessica Ochoa stepped foot on La Palma she was captivated by the islands natural beauty.

Inspiring herself on the extraordinary volcanic landscapes, the vivid contrast between the dark rough rocks and the turquoise seawater and bright green vegetation, she decided to use her talents in fashion to pay tribute to this enchanting and colorful place.

In the JEKAI studio, everything from the drawing board until the final product is carefully made by hand garment by garment.




Our mission is not only to create a clothing brand, but also to send a message of protection and love towards planet earth. That is our home, and we must take care to keep it alive. We aim to be a brand that goes hand in hand with sustainable materials.

Artisan production Always supporting and encouraging sports projects.

Also encouraging the cleanliness of our beaches and the ocean. Based on comfort and quality.

With minimalist designs that blend with nature. In addition, we are currently working on reducing our carbon footprint by using sustainable materials for many production factors such as packaging