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When designer Jessica Ochoa stepped foot on La Palma she was captivated by the islands natural beauty.

Inspiring herself on the extraordinary volcanic landscapes, the vivid contrast between the dark rough rocks and the turquoise seawater and bright green vegetation, she decided to use her talents in fashion to pay tribute to this enchanting and colorful place.

In the JEKAI studio, everything from the drawing board until the final product is carefully made by hand garment by garment.





Our mission is not only to create a clothing brand, but also to send a message of protection and love towards planet earth. That is our home, and we must take care to keep it alive.


At Jekai, we believe that people can live in a more environmentally conscious and sustainable way. We just have to learn how to do it. Our planet needs us and the time is now.
Our brand believes in a circular and less waste future.

Your JEKAI swimsuit, made in the Canary Islands, Spain, is handcrafted from beginning to end, right after you order it. This is one of the ways we reduce our carbon footprint, being a slow fashion brand.

Jekai swimsuits are created with ECONYL®️ regenerated nylon.

The ECONYL®️ Regeneration System begins with collecting waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet, and industrial plastic from around the world, that would otherwise finish polluting the Earth. 
In this way we give all this waste a new life.

Our Fabrics are Globally GRS Certified with certificate no.CU846936GRS-2019-00023774.

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